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Mumbai, India's financial capital has the presence of not only all major financial institutions but over 250+ fintech start-ups. Fintechs in Mumbai are primarily building on wealth-management, lending and enterprise tech solutions. The Mumbai Fintech Meetup Chapter is a strong community of over 250+ fintech founders connected over a single forum exchanging ideas, connections and forging collaborations.

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Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR, canvassing India’s national capital, has become a super breeding ground for Fintechs. In our previous Yatras, we have seen Fintechs emerging in different segments like lending, embedded finance, insurtech, and much more. Access to talent, capital, and presence of lending and insurance companies has been an added advantage for fintechs in Delhi NCR.

Delhi Fintech Meetup Chapter is a strong community of 300+ fintech founders, bankers, senior finance professionals, etc.

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Bangalore, also known as the tech and start-up capital of India houses over 400 fintech startups. Fintech predominantly are building on payments, lending, wealth-tech, API infrastructure and data led solutions. Abundant availability of venture capital, tech resources, and significant presence of financial institutions makes it relatively easier for fintech startups.

Bangalore Fintech Meetup Chapter is a vibrant community of over 300 fintech founders exchanging ideas and connections.

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Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, isn’t lagging behind when it comes to having a vibrant fintech ecosystem. The city currently houses over 100 fintech startups and few financial institutions. Financial institutions in Pune are moving towards innovative and digital strategies to integrate with fintechs.

Pune holds a relatively better advantage over Mumbai for fintechs largely due to operational costs, talent availability, and proximity to financial institutions in Mumbai.

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South India

Our South India Fintech Chapter comprises fintechs based in Hyderabad, Chennai and Kochi. Cumulatively over 200+ fintech founders are a part of our vibrant community primarily building on lending, microfinance, gold products, SaaS and cross-border remittance.

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